An unholy union of Peugeot and BMW reliability forming together in the n14 engine, coupled with 90s GM plastics and assembly.

Check engine light on and car in reduced pwr mode with code 2885 boost deviation.

$130 Diagnostics at German auto shop, 3 separate visits no firm diagnosis.(maybe the valve cover, maybe the Wastegate, maybe the cat, maybe this sensor)

Valve cover, leaked a bit and internal pcv check valve was failed.

HPFP, 2 codes related to pump failure they are a known issue, warranty extended to 120k miles and 10 years for S models but not jcw (same engine though) so that’s out of pocket.


Turbo Diverter Valve, took it out for inspection and it sprung apart in my hand so it was replaced (suspected leak for boost deviation)

Aftermarket charge pipe, the radiator hose material was cracking in a few areas(also suspected leak causing code)


A pillar trim, old trim had cracked at the mounting point and didn’t fit right(plastic is brittle af)

Roof trim, drove 350 miles 1 way to pick up trim because it’s too fragile to mail(old trim was bent from roof racks which have a poor installation process)


LH fender, both fenders vinyl wrapped black because one was an unpainted replacement so i bought a red fender from said junkyard 350 miles away.

Sark plugs, according to the paperwork they’ve only been changed once in 100,000 miles.


Next step if the code persists is check the Catalytic converter and check Watergate adjustment.

Things it needs: Lower windshield panel(rubber seal withered away), lca bushings, better brake pads, tires in 2000 miles, lh fender liner, aluminum skidplate or oem lower shield.